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We believe that blockchain innovations are just scratching the surface, and Cogitent is at the forefront of it.


was built by a core team of alumni from the UCLA Anderson School of Management, who were united through a common interest in the blockchain world and the new technologies coming in the space. Our team boasts diverse backgrounds ranging from commercial and investment banking, technological innovation, management consulting, and artificial intelligence & machine learning, and valuable experience from Fortune 50 companies generating billions in annual revenue. Our team’s strength lies in our varied technical background in traditional industries, which brings a distinctive, prudent perspective to the blockchain space in order to identify the projects that have growth potential and a promising future.

This mindset extends to our overall philosophy: while others follow the siren call of the shill, we prefer to seek out the hidden gems that will end up revolutionizing the industry.
Additionally, we value the importance of reinvesting in a sustainable crypto ecosystem by hosting hackathons and other events to develop and support top talent, along with acting as a bridge between the developer community and projects looking to source talent.
Finally, our organic and authentic approach extends to our marketing and brand building efforts on behalf of our projects. You may not go viral, but you can rest assured that your project will garner a devoted and educated user base that is not simply following the hype.

Focusing on reliability, distinction, sustainable growth, collaboration, education, and authenticity to promote holistic growth in the crypto ecosystem


To establish blockchain as the apex of financial and technological innovation by promoting the right talent and identifying the right opportunities for them


To cultivate a reputable, engaging, sustainable, and mutually beneficial ecosystem that fosters mainstream crypto adoption to fuel continued evolution


Motto And Slogan

Our fund cultivates smart ideas for start-ups and seasoned players that will be unicorns in the coming future.

The Motto

"Financial wealth and security, today and tomorrow".

The Slogan

"We promote the growth of the global economy by investing intellectual and financial capital in emerging companies within any field, with special emphasis on the world of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and disruptive technologies".

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